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CAADP Technical Networks are communities of practice, coordinated by the African Union, to provide technical support and capacity development to AU Member States, Regional Economic Communities (RECs) and other CAADP implementers to support the implementation of specific Malabo Declaration content areas.

These Networks are composed of organizations with track record, technical capacity and resource development mechanisms.  They will provide relevant tools, training and technical advice to national and regional agriculture sector governance entities on policies, programs and practices that can accelerate achievement of national, regional and continental agriculture production, productivity and food security goals related to Malabo and CAADP.

The process of developing Technical Networks is being coordinated by the African Union Department of Rural Economy and Agriculture, and the NEPAD Planning and Coordinate Agency (NPCA) with support from Africa Lead and PICO-Eastern Africa. Learn more.

Seize the Moment! Campaign

Seize the Moment! Campaign

In 2016, we have a moment to come together to advance the policies and secure the investments that will ensure a better life for millions of Africa’s farmers and families including women and youth.

Seize the moment! Campaign - Concept Note


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